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AccessoryDescriptionPurchase PriceYearly Maintenance
ACT 1348Supply Flash Card$279.30
AK-705DF-71/73/75 Attachment$34.74
AK-710DF-710 Attachment for FS-8100DN$40.12
AK-715DF-710/730 Attachment for FS-8100DN$34.74
AK-71PDF-71/73/75 Attachment for FS-9120DN/9520DN$35.00
AK-720Attachment Kit for DF-760$40.00
BF-710Booklet Folder for DF-710$860.00$82.00
BF-720Booklet Folder for DF-760$860.00
CA-500Caster Kit (Can only be installed on PF-500/510, not on base models)$104.00
Copier StandStand$177.00
Copier StandStand$112.00
Copy Guard (A)Printed Document Guard Kit$662.00
Data Security (E)Data Security$332.00
Data Security Kit CHDD Erase Kit for Print$332.44
Data Security Kit DHDD Erase Kit for Print$229.27
DF-713,000 Sheet Finisher w/Punch (requires AK-71P)$1,511.32
DF-7103,000 Sheet Finisher (requires AK-705)$1,500.00$80.39
DF-710 (A)3,000 Sheet Finisher (requires AK-710 & AK-715)$1,499.98$82.00
DF-731,000 Sheet Finisher (requires AK-71P)$808.50
DF-7301,000 Sheet Finisher (requires AK-705)$802.00$82.00
DF-751,000 Sheet Saddle Stitch Finisher (requires AK-71P & RA-1)$1,645.88
DF-7603,000 Sheet Staple Finisher$1,500.00
DF-7801,000 Sheet Staple Finisher$883.00
DP-710Document Processor$780.00
DP-750Reversing Automatic Document Processor (RADF)$780.00
DP-760Dual Scan Document Processor (DSDP)$1,032.00
DT-710Original Hard Copy Holder$23.00
DU-301Automatic Duplexing Unit$209.30$41.00
DU-61Automatic Duplexing Unit$209.30$41.00
EF-310Envelope Feeder$153.00$41.00
EF-60Envelope Feeder$153.30$41.00
Fax System (S) CFax System$662.00
Fax System NFax System$662.00
HD-5A40GB Hard Disk Drive$235.00$21.00
HD-ME420.0 GB Hard Disk Drive Unit$276.62$20.50
HD-ME540.0 GB Hard Disk Drive Unit for Printer$275.00$19.85
I-O 5735km (1) Printer Gateway (allows you to print from AS-400 systems)$1,060.00
I-O 5755km (3)Printer Gateway (allows you to print from AS-400 systems)$1,932.00
IB-11Serial Interface$17.00
IB-21E KitNetwork Interface Kit$258.30
IB-22Wireless N.I.C., 802.11b$241.97
IB-23Secure Network Interface$211.00
IB-30Enhanced Network Interface 10Base-T/100 BaseTX (for FS-2000D)$103.74
IB-31Enhanced Network Interface 10Base-T/100 Base TX$98.00
Internet Fax (A)Internet Fax Kit$172.00
JS-710Job Separator (required for DF-710/DF-730)$109.00
JS-720Job Separator$109.00
M-21077 Bin Mailbox (requires DF-71)$605.22
MFP-1 Surge Protector15 Amp Surge Protector (protects from surges only)$67.00
MM-13-3232MB Fax Memory Board$169.00
MM-16-128128MB Fax Memory Board$115.00
MT-710Multi Tray for DF-710$573.00$80.39
MT-720Mail Box for DF-760$573.00
Original HolderOriginal Holder$67.00
PB-315Base Unit with PF-315$153.00
PB-60Base for PF-8E, HS8E$153.30
PCL Barcode Flash ModuleCF Card PCL Barcode Flash Module$244.00
PF-100250 Sheet Drawer$94.00
PF-310500 Sheet Paper Feeder$174.00$41.00
PF-3152000 Sheet Paper Feeder$524.30$41.00
PF-500500 Sheet Paper Feeder (max. 3 on 5300DN)$209.00$41.00
PF-510500 Sheet Multipurpose Feeder (max. 3 on 5300DN)$279.00
PF-60500 Sheet Paper Feeder$209.30$41.00
PF-70Dual 500 Sheet Drawer$742.67
PF-700Dual 500 Sheet Drawer$737.00$40.69
PF-710Dual 500 Sheet Drawer$737.10$41.00
PF-720500 Sheet x 2 Drawers$737.00
PF-753,000 Sheet Drawer$848.93
PF-7503,000 Sheet Drawer$791.00$40.69
PF-7603,000 Large Capacity Drawer$791.00
PF-8E2000 Sheet Paper Feeder$524.30
PH-2APunch Unit (2/3 Hole) for DF-75$386.93
PH-5APunch Unit (2/3 Hole) for DF-710$384.00$40.69
PT-300Face Up Tray For DU-301 (FS-C5020N only)$28.00
PT-301Face Up Tray For DU-301 (FS-C5030N only)$28.00
PT-310250 Sheet Face Up Tray for FS-3900DN/4000DN$27.00
PT-4250 Face Up Tray$27.30
PT-60100 Sheet Face-Up Tray for DU-61 Duplex$27.30
RA-1Reversing Adaptor for DF-75$288.75
SD-100-128APrinter Memory - 128 MB Memory Upgrade - 100 Pin DIMM$369.60
SD-100-128BPrinter Memory - 128 MB Memory Upgrade - 100 Pin DIMM$367.00
SD-100-16APrinter Memory - 16 MB Memory Upgrade - 100 Pin DIMM$63.53
SD-100-256APrinter Memory - 256 MB Memory Upgrade - 100 Pin DIMM$481.06
SD-100-256BPrinter Memory - 256 MB Memory Upgrade - 100 Pin DIMM$477.00
SD-100-32APrinter Memory - 32 MB Memory Upgrade - 100 Pin DIMM$114.35
SD-100-512BPrinter Memory 512 MB Memory Upgrade- 100 Pin DIMM$573.00
SD-100-64APrinter Memory - 64 MB Memory Upgrade - 100 Pin DIMM$205.59
SD-100-64BPrinter Memory - 64 MB Memory Upgrade - 100 Pin DIMM$205.59
SD-144-1A1GB Memory Upgrade$455.00
SD-144-512(A)512 MB Print Memory Upgrade - 100 Pin Dimm$194.00
SO-605 Bin Mail Box/Sorter/Stacler$349.30$82.00
StandStand for FS-9120DN/9520DN$98.18
StandStand for FS-C8100DN$111.77
Surge Protector (15 Amp)15 Amp Surge Protector Item #82143015$135.00
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